Right Innovations, Right Partnerships, Right Impact

At Responsenet we believe the right innovations and right partnerships have the ability to create the right lasting impact for radical yet sustainable transformations.

Responsenet has impacted millions of lives through our diverse implementations and has worked with over 230 partners. Started in 2007 is working on system changing innovations and community-centric implementations out of the needs for creating an innovative implementation for sustainable impact.

We are working to address the most pressing challenges affecting communities every day through partnerships for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Social & Impact Investments and Venture Philanthropy Investments and Sustainability.

We work for diverse CSR implementation mandates nationally across India.’ Our strong teams have diverse skill-sets with experience across the development and private sector with a passion to design, implement and work for community-centric implementations with creativity to implement solutions for diverse geographies and stakeholders across India for a better tomorrow for those we work for.

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