At, we believe that collective abilities can make a lasting difference to lives of millions with the right partnerships for community centric interventions.

Started in 2007 out of the needs for creating innovative implementation needs with various partners, we are registered as a Section 8, non profit engaged in providing humanitarian interventions through communications, partnerships and technology within the fields of Health, Nutrition, Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Education, Livelihoods, Financial inclusion and Disaster Relief. We partner with government, companies and NGO partners providing end to end support for implementing humanitarian services. We work closely with private sector companies as an implementation partner to achieve this goal and serve communities within India through various CSR implementations. Our strong teams have diverse skill-sets with experience across the development and private sector with a passion to design, implement and work for community centric implementations with creativity to find solutions for all stakeholders.

A focus we have in all the work we do, is the mission to work closely with communities and our partners to create a lasting impact in the lives we can touch every day. We work across India in our projects and help create, promote and supplement partnerships to better lives.

Audited Reports of past Years

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